Welcome to the Therianthropes in Speculative Fiction wiki

This site is dedicated to the proposition that not all men are created equal, or at least as far as Speculative Fiction goes; and also to the proposition that not all therianthropes are created equal either - some authors mutilate their creations through a lack of trust in their own creativity, or a lack of trust in their audiences, or a lack of knowledge of the animal kingdom, or just plain talentlessness, ignorance and stupidity.

The topic of therianthropes - Beast-Men and Man-Beasts - covers a huge area. To do it adequate justice, we will need to break it down into several areas: these will need to be broken down as will, but for the time being, let us go with therianthropes in myth, legend and history, therianthropes in modern literature, and therianthropes in modern film.

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